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Brainstorming, Good or Bad?

Here’s a question – Brainstorming; a fantastic way to create group rapid idea inspiration, or harmful to the creative process with better, original ideas created by individuals and small groups?

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RGB abstract chromatic illusion

RGB coloured ball optical illusion effect
using spheres. A chromatic illusion, relies on your brain’s way of seeing colour. The background circle is neutral but the overlying contrasting RGB lines confuse and influence.

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GOTO Creative loves morse code --* --- - ---

Morse Code Love

Not only is Morse Code a grand-daddy of communication messaging. It also is a beautiful thing when noted in it’s visual format.

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morse code forever by Ward Cunningham

Javascript Art

I stumbled upon this link a while back whilst rummaging out some source material for another project. I’m a bit fixated with morse code at the moment and this piece of digi art really caught

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