Website design and brand re-development

Food systems thinking

FoodSync works with the food system and delivers projects for the commercial sector, local authorities, housing associations, and community, voluntary and social enterprise sector.

FoodSync found itself in a situation where their business had grown significantly after their launch and the parameters of what they wanted to achieve had also developed.
This in turn, meant they simply had just outgrown their initial brand strategy and website.  The message of what they do and how they do things were not clear to the end user. Food system thinking is broad church and not something easily described.
Working with GOTO Creative, FoodSync were able to re-evaluate their approach and how they are perceived. Clarity and simplicity were the answer here to get their message across and this was reflected in the new website design and brand styling. A custom built, fully responsive website was designed to showcase what they do, the areas and projects they worked within and more importantly how they achieved this.
logo shaped like smiley face on a plate
Food & Drink Trade Show 2018, event identity, GOTO Creative
isometric Event Branding
bold statement graphic using food
simple modern logo design
image of fork within hexagon
FoodSync, on behalf of local authorities run a series of events and initiatives supporting local businesses and community, all of which require a unique branding and identity but still within the FoodSync brand styling ethic.